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Want To Run A Community Pub? Here’s How You Do It

Christmas_Party_Group_Cooking_2Nowadays, pubs are finding hard to survive in the present competitive market. It is best to get advice from experienced professionals so that you can get know what they are doing and how they are working to improve their sales. Do you want to increase sales and target punters without investing more money? Most people expect pubs to have long working hours. Though it is hard, it is the best strategy to strive in the current market. This way, several people would visit your pub and share positive reviews in their community.

In the last ten years, the way people run a pub has completely changed. You can find a lot of differences if you are running a pub business for more than ten or fifteen years. How to stay ahead in the market? Get proactive.

The present day publicans face two hurdles. They are money and time. Luckily, advertising methods have changed. It is evident that the most result-oriented option to reach audience is online promotion. It is cheap and quick. In olden days, pub owners depended on newspaper and radio advertisements. They are expensive and offers time restricted reach.

Three best ways to increase your pub sales in the present day

  •         Facebook and Twitter
  •         Your imagination
  •         Website with excellent ranking in the search engine

Get thinking

Regulars-at-the-Prince-of-Wales-Pub-in-MoseleyChristmas is the right season where you can execute the above tools. You have to start with a little imagination. Question yourself how you get attracted towards a pub. What do customers expect from a pub? You have to do sufficient research to find answers and make changes drastically. Women take most decisions in a family. They decide where to go out in most households. Capturing the attention of women can come good for you.

What they look for when they enter a pub? What are their expectations? If possible, take a quick survey with your recent customers to get an idea about their expectations. You may come across opinions and results that you have not imagined. You have to choose the right beer, drinks and food in your pub.

Consider the following options;

  •         Breakfast options
  •         Facilities for children
  •         Coffee machine that serves quality coffees
  •         Interesting health conscious menu
  •         Inviting and contemporary interiors
  •         Large collection of drinks like bottled lagers, cocktails and sparkling wines
  •         Promotions and seasonal offers
  •         Entertainment and music to celebrate important calendar dates

Drinks variety

Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian Feature on the introduction of a new law protecting pubs in Otley, West Yorkshire. Picture shows manager Wayne Green behind the bar in the town's Whitakers bar. WORDS BY JOE SHUTE PICTURE TAKEN ON THURSDAY 21 MAY 2015

Women wish to taste latest and best beers and wines in the market. Casales or Real ales are in trends now. Its popularity is growing day by day. Ensure to make use of it for your business. Customers discover something unique and bit different. It does not mean you have to stock all the popular brands. You can look for unique names and keep changing the ales regularly.

Interior design

The layout and design of the pub are important features that attract customers. As an owner, you need to design the interiors in a luxury way. It should be trendy and attractive for young generation. It should be comfortable for families and children. You can also set up childfree adults eating area.


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